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It is not a secret, that active way of life and sports are becoming very popular these days. Combat sports are also finding their place not only in Sport clubs, but in the Health and Fitness clubs all over the world as well, besides it is not only the professional athletes which are training for the results, but also just active people with different jobs and different age which are trying to make their spare time more interesting and raise the level of their activity.

FITBOXING – Is the system of Sport and Healthiness, which has a goal of making the healthy lifestyle, active spare time, Martial Arts and Sports more popular in our society.

The word “Fit” means - Healthy, ready. So, we can tell, that Fitboxing – Healthiness boxing (kickboxing), which main goal is – strengthening the body and raising the level of healthiness and not just preparation for a competition fight. The whole idea is not just a system of training, but movement, inclusive all the activity of our community – different projects, competitions, camps and other sport and entertainment events for the society.

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The development of Fitboxing in Lithuania was started in Vilnius 2013. Also, at this moment we are running first official fitboxing enthusiasts community organization in Lithuania FITBOKSAS LT, which has a purpose of spreading and popularization of the idea of Fitboxing. “This whole idea was born long time ago, when I was doing kickboxing, I saw how much of good stuff this sport can give if you would complement it with different types of sports. Today I’m very happy, that there are a lot of people interested in fitboxing and we are meeting huge number of active people on our trainings and events. I want to continue the popularization of fitboxing, so it wouldn’t just become a sport for the society, but also a passion, a way of life”
The coach and founder of Martynas Grenda
FITBOKSAS LT – It is active and always growing community of  fitboxing enthusiasts, organizers of events, coaches and athletes, which has a goal of popularizing a healthy lfestyle, active spare time and sports. Join us!

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